Are you looking for a unique leadership opportunity? We are looking for anybody with any of these skills in Management, Bookkeeping, Writing skills, Administration, Promotions, Events and any other that would suit a charity.

Well, look no further! If you are committed to keeping children safe and parenting nurturing, we are looking for you!

Just Jala Nonprofit is looking for individuals like you to join our board of directors. The aim of this board will be to ensure that we deliver real results, respond to changes in our community and always deliver the highest ethical standards to be worthy of our public support.

This position will be for a 3 year period with an initial 6 months probation period and a yearly review.

If you are one or more of the following, we’d like to talk to you:

  • Scholars/academics who want to put their expertise in child development, physical and mental health promotion, children, youth and families to work in the community.
  • Parents/grandparents and others who have a demonstrated talent, joy and energy in making a change in your community.
  • Energetic and entrepreneurial business people, who are not already overextended with other commitments, eager to put their enthusiasm for changing the world to work for our children. 
  • Community leaders and philanthropists willing to engage their peers to prevent child abuse and neglect. 
  • Astute governmental advocates who can assist in navigating the political landscape of policy development, funding and legislation.
  • Leaders at our partner agencies — parenting, education, criminal justice, child and youth services — interested in building strong programs with us.
  • Health care professionals – pediatricians, public health, health associations – dedicated to helping children grow up free from abuse and neglect.

If you hold yourself to high expectations, then you’ll find board service very rewarding. We are looking for folks who will:

  • Be able to attend strategic planning in March 2021 (4 hours)
  • Commit to a minimum of 8 hours per month
  • Attend a catch-up meeting – Zoom or face to face
  • Attend minimum of 2 events on Just Jala’s behalf per annum
  • Arrange 1 event for the year (fundraiser)
  • Be passionate about making a change in the lives of the less fortunate and the at-risk child
  • Advocate for our needs in the community and among your colleagues and peers
  • Be always curious to learn more about the field of children at risk and  as well as nonprofit governance
  • Make a personal, charitable contribution to Just Jala, to the best of their ability
  • Can be located anywhere in South Africa
  • Please note that there will be No Remuneration
  • Commencement: February/March 2021

If you are interested in being considered for our board, please send us an email (motivation letter & resume) to


  1. I’ve been through alot the past year but I realised that waking up every morning after trying to commit suicide multiple times means that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So I want to motivate kids and be a witness for the great things God has planned for us.

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