We are here to help you with your Grade 12 preparation

We will be assisting with Grade 12 exam preparation by doing the below.

On a Monday, we will send a question paper from the same year to all the WhatsApp groups. On the Wednesday, we will then send out the Memo.

The reason why we do not just send out the memo along question paper is to encourage the students to first try and answer the questions themselves by doing self-study. 

On a Wednesday before sending out the Memo the group will be opened up for all to do a Q & A session for a question they need assistance with.  Please read the Questions before asking a question to make sure that you do not repeat a question that has already been asked.

WhatsApp groups that we have:

We will be starting this from Monday 27 April 2020.  Students will have this week to join the groups that they wish to be part of. Let us know if there are any other groups that you would like us to create.

NOTE: Please check back again as we will be posting various exam assistance tips.

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