Learners License Class

Nowadays most jobs require you to be in possession of a driver’s license.  We here at Just Jala are aware that it is not always possible for people either finically or due to traveling to attend Learners License classes which is the first step to obtaining that sought after driver’s license.

To assist with this we have created a FREE online (WhatsApp) format of presenting a learner’s license class.

Important notes for this course:

Everything will be done via WhatsApp.

Monday to Friday, you will receive communication.

This is a self-study program so you will be testing yourself with the information provided by us.

This is a 6-week course. 

Week 1: Registration – all interested parties join the group and submit their details to the admin.

Week 2: Introduction + Controls

Week 3: Learners License Theory

Week 4: Road Rules

Week 5: Road Signs

Week 6: Test Week

Course dates are:

  1. 27 April until 29 May
  2. 1 June until 10 July
  3. 13 July until 21 August
  4. 24 August until 2 October
  5. 5 October until 13 November

*Note: no certificate of completion will be issued to you after completing this course as this was created solely for the purposes of assisting people with preparation for their learner license test.

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