Just Jala High Tea 2019

Just Jala (217-408 NPO) held its inaugural High Tea on 24 September 2019 at the Montagu Civic Hall.  The registered Not for Profit Organisation, was brought into being by Managing Director Ms Angela Lombaard following an unquenchable desire to plough back into the community that she is from.  “Jala” is a Sotho word that means to “invest/cultivate” and this is how Angela describes her vision for the organization, as one that wishes to invest in the Youth of Montagu and its surrounding towns and farms.

Just Jala uses Youth Development activities as a preventative strategy in respect of substance abuse and criminality.  Having seen firsthand the destruction that substance abuse caused in the lives of three of her cousins, Angela realized that it is imperative to reach vulnerable youth before they make the decision to start using drugs. 

At the High Tea, identified learners and teachers from the surrounding schools were introduced to the Development Plan in which they would be partaking.  The plan includes activities on e.g. budgeting, application to tertiary institutions, emotional development etc. and is proven to greatly aid in the holistic development of vulnerable youth.  The learners now embark on a journey with Just Jala, one that will hopefully see them rise above their circumstances.  Angela says that one of the focus areas of the programme is adolescent mental health, an area that is often neglected but is critical in addressing areas of concern with vulnerable youth.  Another distinct difference with Just Jala’s approach she adds, is the involvement of the parents in this developmental journey.

The organization has held several activities over the past years amongst others a Murder Mystery Evening, Games nights and more.  Angela says “No segment in the society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm and courage of the young people.  Let us invest and cultivate.  Just Jala”

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