Just Jala (217-408NPO) an NPO which were founded in 2017,  aims to provide economically disadvantaged youth with assistance in order to facilitate their transition starting from junior to senior level at high school and guidance and help with college/university applications. In addition, we strive to make the process both exciting and rewarding.

We aim to accomplish this by providing:

  • Orientation to the diverse career opportunities and subjects and skills needed to pursue
  • Preparation for college/university entrance examination
  • Assistance with college application
  • Assistance with securing financial aid
  • College/university persistent support



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Founder, Angela Lombaard, says what motivated her in establishing the organisation was her belief that Only through action do words take meaning.  Having witnessed first hand the devastating effect that substance abuse had on her family and still continues to have, she decided that it was necessary to do something.  She realised that her family members that were substance dependant were too far gone and this gave birth to the strategy of using Youth Development activities as a Prevention Strategy.  “Prevention is ultimately better than cure”.

Our Mission

To see all the young adults in Education, Employment or training and have a better family relationship.

Why We Do What We Do?

Our vision is to eradicate all the social ills that young people in our societies are faced with.
High crime, violence & abuse
Limited safe spaces for youth
High youth unemployment
Limited skills development opportunities
Few job opportunities
Social issues
Limited access to computer & internet facilities
Lack of discipline, academic & parental support
Lack of local role models